On Christmas Day 2012 I collapsed playing football and was diagnosed finally with a brain tumour.

I have now spent the whole year on chemo etc. Unfortunately not entirely successful yet.

We have decided to close the painting holidays and emigrate to Sweden in the Spring. However we will run the courses that are currently on for 2014.

We have made so many friends over the years and wish you all well, hope to see you again somehow one day.  Please feel free to contact us anytime. The gallery we have in Vence old town is now for sale.

Best wishes.

Mitch & Hanna

8 thoughts on “Cancer

  1. Dear Mitch and Hanna
    I cannot tell you how much we loved being on your wonderful course three or four years ago. Roger and I are so sorry you have ill health Mitch and we both send our very best wishes. Our week with you and the fun we had painting are memories we treasure and will never forget. After much investigation since, we realise your course was without parallel. Roger’s portrait of Rosie has evoked a mix of hilarity and admiration!
    With our love to you both
    Roger and Rosie Redton

  2. Dear Mitch. Can,t tell you how sad I feel hearing this very terrible news. I would just ask you if you were in Vence !5-20 nov as i,ll bee in Nice with 2 grandchildren at 22 and 24 looking at art.They live in Stockholm We had planned going to Vence on saturday 16 nov. I do hope you are much better now Fortunately it is an illness you can conquer and I am sure you will get throug it. our little group : Finn died in june 20014 at the age of 88 and ruth died this summer at the age of 91.

  3. Sorry. thought the space was out.Ruth was strong to the very end . we miss them very much. as a matter of fact elsebeth and i have talked about comming back painting so let us bee in touch.We all think of you and hanna with so much love and we still paint every wednesday. Love Bolette

  4. Hi Bolette

    Thanks for your message.

    I should be in Vence in November, but nothing is sure these days with hospital appointments and things.

    Hope to see you and your grandchildren if possible anyway.

    The treatment is very slow, but I can be patient.

    I’m so sorry to hear about Ruth and Finn, hope I can get to that age.

    Hope you manage to get over hear for some painting one day, it would be so fantastic to see you,

    Lots of love,


  5. Hi Mitch

    We were so sorry and sad to hear of your news. We enjoyed our painting holiday in Vence with you which was one if our best painting holidays we have had and our hope is to come back to Vence on another holday in the near future .

    We all wish you a speedy recovery and our thoughts are with you

    Lots of best wishes
    Jo, Bev and Joan xx

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